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Quiana Pietrzak WAOD Lorraine sent me this story about a Marine sergeant who appears to have been tortured and killed by four of his own men. They literally invaded the house as Quiana was writing thank you notes from the wedding. They looked so happy and I am not the only one that instantly thought HATE CRIME. You can sign an online book of condolences Sad to say I will not be surprised if you hear nothing about this from the NAACP, Urban League or other institutions supposedly looking out for the interest of blacks because (1) she is a bw and (2) she had the nerve to marry outside the race.

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When Angela “met” Tim online—that is, when he first responded to her profile—she got a fluttery feeling in her stomach that she wasn’t sure was excitement or warning. Trusting your (online) gut requires a self-knowledge, though, that wasn’t expected before first impressions came to you with no real person attached. I pass them on in the hope that they spare you the exhaustion that can come from too many hours online with too many men who aren’t truly available, men who will only sap your strength, men who are looking for something, someone, other than you. Tim, for example, was subtly accusing Angela—already, before he’d met her yet —of doing something wrong by not following his sexual timetable. “Didn’t anyone ever teach you it’s bad manners not to reply? Angela said goodbye at that second online interaction. Baring his soul to someone he hasn’t met (and who hasn’t asked) is telling you something: He’s not interested in whether you want to hear it or not.