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We want to make sure that you are properly trained on how to handle a personal protection dog.You can choose your future personal protection dogs from the age of 3 months, up to when they have fully completed the training program.Most are trained to enjoy their work, with chasing and grabbing introduced to them as tricks or games that can be played only when the handler (a police officer) gives the appropriate command.The dog's goal is not to bite to cause injury; it is to grab and hold on to the suspect at all costs, which can cause severe injury to the suspect in the process.Global K9 Group offers many working dogs and custom trained dogs for sale.If you’re looking for German Shepherds for sale and you want your new dog to come from one of the best worldwide Protection Dog trainers and breeders then visit our site today to browse our trained dogs for sale.

In Maryland, an assault on a police dog carries the same penalties, and is prosecuted in much the same manner, as injury or assault on a police officer.

Name: Jerika Dlha Roven, SVV1, V-rated, Siegerin in Turkey SIRE: Pass Dlha Roven, SVV1, V-rated,”a”(Ory vom Haus Erlebach x Cula Dlha Roven) DAM: Marit Dlha Roven, SVV1, V-rated (Zeppo v.

Klebinger Schloss x Ydette vd Wienerau We have bred Jerika and are importing her for our breeding program.

unit (a homophone for canine), this is especially prevalent in the United States.

The term is sometimes associated with German Shepherd dogs because of the long history of the use of the German Shepherd by the police and military for public order enforcement (and some forces use German Shepherds exclusively).

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